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Oxidative Stress is found in all Mammals - Give your best friend the health they deserve

Protandim™ helps dogs, cats, horses, goats and many more animals fight oxidative stress in a supplement that’s scientifically formulated to repay your best friend for all the slobbery love he gives you. 


Your pet dedicates her life to making you happy. And there’s nothing easy about seeing her age. That’s why we give Protandim to our Dogs and Cats and Horses. Let's help our best friends stay healthy for longer. 


Protandim is designed to extend your animals playfulness, happiness, and overall health. In other words, all that shoe chewing doesn’t have to slow down. At the end of the day, if the science behind Protandim Nrf2 is good enough for humans (us), then it’s good enough for your dog and cat (the ones who keeps begging for food under the table).


  • Increased playfulness 

  • More energy 

  • Supports joint health 

  • Supports hearing and eyesight

  • Faster Recovery


In this video, 3 Qualified Vets Talk About Their Experience with Dogs, Cats and Horses on Protandim.


💥💥 Protandim is the only product made of plant ingredients proven in a clinical study in America 📖 to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days. Protandim has also been shown in a study to increase superoxide dismutase levels by 30%, glutathione by 300%, and catalase by 54%.

This product is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress SIGNIFICANTLY. 😲 High oxidative stress levels are associated with HUNDREDS of conditions including those that affect our furry companions.

💥While we don't claim to cure, treat, heal or mitigate any disease, there are hundreds upon hundreds of testimonies demonstrating the benefits of lowering oxidative stress.

Beyond these conditions, many healthy horses 🐎 including equine athletes benefit from Nrf2 activation. Activating Nrf2, can increase stamina / endurance, decrease inflammation, and speed up healing and recovery.

Currently, many athlete horses take Protandim and are experiencing great results.

Let’s talk about what Nrf2 Activation is and why is it beneficial for Mammals 🐎

The Nrf2 protein path exists in all mammalian cells. When activated it causes the cells to naturally upregulate the production of beneficial antioxidant enzymes and lower the production of damaging enzymes depending on the strength and source of the Nrf2 Activation.

Every function in a mammal’s body is run by enzymes. You cannot function without them. It is only reasonable to think that having higher quantities of good enzymes and lower quantities of damaging enzymes is important to long term health and wellness. The best Nrf2 Activator is Protandim from LifeVantage. Backed by science and studied and tested by some of the top universities.



♦️♦️Check out this amazing dog story from Natalie‼️😍💖🐕

”Look at my dog

He's a retired working dog 🐶 so he spent 12 years working on a farm and has skin issues caused by UV damage. I have owned him a year and in that time he has had numerous prescriptions for anti-inflammatories, steroids, antibiotics, colloidal silver, various skin creams, where the vet took skin samples then prescribed specific steroids. 

I decided to take him off all medication and put him on half a Protandim Nrf2 tablet per day. 

I have honestly seen better results from THIS in just 2 weeks than over a year of prescription meds.

He's not perfect but he's 1000 times better, nothing else has helped his nose at all and his eyes have stopped weeping. He is also acting more bouncy and has more energy, I'm sure it’s because he is in less pain. Can't wait to see him in 4 months”

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 4_19_26 pm.png

‼️ WOW ‼️😲

💥💥 As seen in the pictures below, my horse suffered severely in his knees from injuries caused from Barrel Racing and also age. After 2 months of taking Protandim NRF2, my horse has his old legs back‼️

Just imagine how much more comfortable this 20 year old Barrel Horse 🐴 is today‼️

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 4_25_05 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 4_25_14 pm.png


There are 725 Published Studies on PUBMED for Oxidative Stress in Dogs

There are 301 Published Studies on PUBMED for Oxidative Stress in Horses